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Rick Lamplugh's Coyote Watch - Introduction

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Rick will post here about coyotes, a canid he likes to observe even more than wolves. During several winters, Rick Lamplugh and his wife, Mary, volunteered and lived at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch in the remote northeastern corner of Yellowstone National Park. The Lamar Valley is known as America’s Little Serengeti and is the best place in the world to watch the dance between coyotes and wolves and their prey. Rick arrives each winter with the goal of learning as much about the Lamar Valley as possible. While there he researches, photographs, and journals. When he returns to his Oregon home, he writes about the valley’s winter ecology and his experiences there. That writing recently became a book, In the Temple of Wolves: A Winter’s Immersion in Wild Yellowstone, which is available on Amazon. Rick also has a blog Yellowstone Stories and Images.


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