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Our Coyote Response Team

Our Coyote Response Team (CRT) provides immediate outreach through on-site field investigations; first-response workshop instruction, consultation, on-site support for our partnership locations.

The CRT ensures a multifaceted problem solving approach by consulting with government agencies and municipal support staff, such as local animal control agencies on a need-specific basis. The CRT specifically provides on-site assessment, attractant identification, mitigation consultation, wildlife proofing strategies, wildlife rescue and assistance, outreach, educational resources and follow-up support and monitoring.

Lesley Sampson, Director, Coyote Watch Canada

Lesley Sampson


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Kirsten Rose, Consultant, Coyote Watch Canada

Kirsten Rose


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Vicki Lynn, Social Media Ambassador, Coyote Watch Canada

Vicki Lynn

Social Media Ambassador

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Penny Rothwell, Rehabilitation Therapist, Coyote Watch Canada

Penny Rothwell

Rehabilitation Therapist

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Rebecca Rothwell, Rehabilitation Therapist, Coyote Watch Canada

Rebecca Rothwell

Rehabilitation Therapist

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Kelli Polsinelli, Wildlife Rehabilitator, Coyote Watch Canada

Kelli Polsinelli

Wildlife Rehabilitator

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Jasmine Polsinelli, Wildlife Rockstar, Coyote Watch Canada

Jasmine Polsinelli

Wildlife Rockstar

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This could be you, Volunteer, Coyote Watch Canada

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Wildlife Rockstar

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