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Coyote Wolf Bear

The Coyote~Wolf~Bear Education Initiative is a partnership with a shared vision of bringing wildlife coexistence strategies to communities across Ontario.

To foster coexistence, we are committed to providing the public, elected municipal leaders and other community stakeholders with effective tools to navigate the science behind wildlife biology in real-world scenarios. We can provide accurate information about behaviour, risk management and non-lethal conflict solutions that support people, coyotes, wolves and bears inhabiting a shared landscape.  

Budget cuts continue to limit the provincial government’s capacity to engage directly with concerned citizens to solve and mitigate wildlife conflicts with programs such as Bear Wise. Urban and rural entities are now forced to assume responsibility for managing wildlife interactions without preparatory training or a solid background of science-based mitigation methods.  This highlights the need for more innovative and progressive educational outreach such as the Coyote~Wolf~Bear Education Initiative.

As paradigm shifts in conservation science bring ethics to the forefront of wildlife management, we underscore the importance of minimizing wildlife encounters.  Facilitating non-lethal, sustainable strategies for communities through education promotes awareness and appreciation for wildlife. Removing the 'mis' from misinformation. Learn more at Coyote Wolf Bear Education Initiative.

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