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Canid Calendar 2018 (Special Ten Year Anniversary Edition)

Cost: $20.00 + $4.00 S & H
Cost with shipping: $24.00 

2018 Canid Calendar 10 Year Anniversary Edition. $20.00 Plus $4.00 Shipping to Canada and U.S. International Shipping add $8.00 *Orders must include $1.00 each additional calendar

Meet 'Patches' our special calendar cover beauty. Song Dog supporters we have our first time CANID CALENDAR 2018 for purchase this year! A beautiful gift for in your home, Christmas or birthday! Each month highlights a unique aspect of coyotes through the compassionate eye of Ann. A visual journey.
All of the natural eastern coyote photos were taken by esteemed, ethical
nature photographer, Ann Brokelman. Get your order in by emailing:

All proceeds go towards our Community-led Outreach programs and front line initiatives to create compassionate coexistence for people & wildlife.



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