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Song Dog Sunday - Coyote science begins with compassionate conservation

Posted May 21st, 2011 in News and Events

Please share our message today about the importance of partnering compassionate science and conservation. Photo feature is the beautiful work of Ann Brokelman, talented nature photographer, animal advocate and wildlife rescue volunteer.

The important role research plays in supporting conscientious and balanced wildlife management should not be debated. What happens if the results are biased? Can we ever truly put our inner need to support our hypothesis aside? Ever wonder what is behind or shall we say “who” is behind the scientific papers we read? Do you find such research papers daunting when attempting to extract the take home message, the important conclusions and implications of the results on future policies that impact wildlife? Well step in and read an interesting blog from our friends at Fur Bearer Defenders “Science In Layman’s Terms”. Let us know what you think.

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