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Research and Collaboration

Lauren Van PatterCollaboration: Lauren Van Patter

Lauren Van Patter is a PhD Candidate and Teaching Fellow at Queen's University. As an Animal Geographer and member of Dr. Alice Hovorka's The Lives of Animals Research Group, Lauren's research engages mixed methods from the social and biological sciences to investigate human-animal relations and animals in society. Her doctoral dissertation explores the context and experiences of humans and coyotes living together in urban environments. It is premised on the idea that social and ecological dynamics are inextricably linked and should be investigated holistically. Thus, interviews with residents living around urban coyotes are paired with camera trap data and field observations to explore both human and animal social and spatial dynamics. By collaborating with Coyote Watch Canada, members of the Canid Response Team are engaged as citizen scientists whose experience with public outreach and coyote management provide valuable insights into coyote-human interactions in case study communities. Overall, Lauren's approach is committed to compassionate coexistence and multi-species justice. Her research seeks to generate findings that are empirically rigorous, ethically generated, grounded in cutting edge more-than-human social theory, and hold practical value in informing compassionate urban wildlife management policies and practices.  


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