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CWC Municipal Framework

Coyote Watch Canada has developed an excellent coexistence program for the City of Niagara Falls that highlights what a compassionate wildlife community looks like.

The City of Niagara Falls is now considered a flagship model for other communities to follow when considering a Coyote (Wildlife) Management Strategy. The Eastern Coyote (coyote) is here to stay. Providing the public and media outlets with accurate coyote information, along with education and safety guidelines effectively enhances our sustainable approach while minimizing human and wildlife conflict.

Compassionate conservation science and wildlife safety and education are the basis for any successful community and wildlife mitigation responses.  These expectations are the very foundation of our Wildlife Strategy Framework (WSF). The four cornerstones of the WSF are Investigation, Education, Prevention and Enforcement. A WSF encourages and supports community wildlife resiliency.

Our WSF presents successful, non-lethal alternatives available to every community that are long term, cost effective and that promote safety for children, wildlife and family pets. Coexisting with wildlife and meeting the challenges that are occurring in a community warrant a commitment from all stakeholders.

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