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Preservation Appreciation and Wildlife Safety

Preservation Appreciation and Wildlife Safety
Educate. Engage. Empower.

Coyote Watch Canada Representatives offer educational presentations for staff and students with a focus on community awareness, safety and wildlife ecology.

Our Ontario Certified educator provides in-class and out in the field experiences facilitating opportunities to explore the natural world. Promoting Eastern Coyote ecology, hazing techniques, wildlife tracking and wildlife coexistence strategies for the core of our curriculum rich PAW, Cool Canids and High Five for Safety Programs.

A dynamic and engaging coyote display with information exhibits that provide realistic hands-on visuals to enhance audience appreciation for this amazing and resilient species. Curriculum connections for earth science, geography and science are uniquely woven into each presentation including ideas for culminating activities that encourage stewardship values about the natural world.

Please note: Our exhibits consist of animal pelts and skulls sample displays that are a result of automobile mishaps and natural causes ONLY.

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