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Teaching and Learning

Complementing our exciting curriculum-inspired content for the student learner our educational outreach connects elementary to university audiences.

The opportunity to participate and pursue field experience that promotes nature literacy and student hands-on experience is also offered as an option in our community partnerships. Field opportunities engage, educate and empower learners about the ecological role and benefits of coyotes through experiential learning. Building compassionate citizens that understand the essential support of healthy ecosystems, safety and awareness information, and facilitating appropriate training for the front-line responders is an ongoing aim of Coyote Watch Canada.  Fostering sustainable, long-term appreciation and awareness about the interconnections in nature and the key role coexistence plays in building progressive and compassionate communities prepared to meet the challenges of successfully coexisting with coyotes and other wildlife.

Our coexistence content is delivered in three effective ways: Presentations, Field Experience, and Training Workshops that include topics such as ecology and field investigation expectations and outcomes.

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