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ACTION ALERT - Coyotes in Cornwall need help

Posted Dec 17th, 2012 in News and Events


Residents of Eamers Corners in Cornwall, Ontario have petitioned the municipality to grant trapping as a means to kill coyotes. Many of the signatures are essentially from the same ten to twelve households. What is the true status of coyotes allegedly living in Eamers Corners?

Let’s consider the facts in this case of a municipality that has truly not responsibly done their homework. Relying on assumptions about exactly how many coyotes are actually in the area (anywhere from 3-5) and limited information provided by a local trapper that paid “visits” to the hotspot in question, council proceeded to vote unanimously to move forward with their lethal maneuver by requesting permission from the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) to trap and kill a family of coyotes.

Fact finding comes up empty

As of mid November, recent evidence of a coyote presence was inconclusive. So why are tax dollars going towards hiring a trapper to “cull” coyotes? Would tax payers funds not better serve this community by going towards education, prevention, enforcement of current by-laws and locating the source of the conflict- the attracting and feeding of local wildlife. If someone is deliberately feeding wildlife this must stop immediately. Last year, Cornwall was involved in a controversial “slap on the face” when a local business tried putting on a coyote killing contest.

The move to trap coyotes by council is meant to quiet concerned citizens. They use the term “cull” which sounds less radical, when in fact they have full intentions of exterminating an entire coyote family. Traps capture non-targeted animals including family pets that are free roaming. One would think that Cornwall would learn from their past “Beaver Gate” mistakes. Eamers Corners residents should beware of shallow promises and seek a footprint of compassion and tolerance.

Cornwall please become a compassionate wildlife community

Across Canada, provinces such as Ontario and British Columbia are leading the way for innovative, non violent and sustainable wildlife coexistence plans. More and more municipalities are moving away from unscientific and lethal methods such as trapping to address wildlife conflict between people and coyotes. Building a compassionate wildlife community is simple to execute and costs little but a sincere political and community will. Please request that Cornwall follow the successful Living With Coyotes program for the City of Niagara Falls, Ontario. Proven techniques such as deterring and hazing fed coyotes partnered with education and prevention strategies readily teach residents about coyote behaviour and how to wildlife proof a home or business. These methods are long term, fortunately successful and are cruelty-free.

Please ask the Minister of Natural Resources to NOT approve Cornwall’s request to exterminate the Eamers Corners coyote family and please urge Cornwall to use non-lethal alternatives to create a peaceful and compassionate wildlife community.

Ministry of Natural Resources
Honourable Michael Gravelle

City Councillors of Cornwall


Also, please CC your letter to:

Acting Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Cornwall.
Stephen Alexander 


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