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CORNWALL UPDATE: Stay Calm, Press On and most of all…Remain Kind.

Posted Dec 20th, 2012 in News and Events

“CORNWALL…Will you become the next leader for a Compassionate Wildlife Community?”

We are hopeful that council will consider a reprieve for the Eamers Corners coyote(s) for the time being. We look forward to a potential visit with the community and providing non-lethal successful solutions for the residents there. There are several articles with really positive commentary, showing that many folks in Cornwall are looking for a more compassionate path of coexisting peacefully with coyotes. The support reaches far and wide for this campaign. Folks are weighing in from all across North America. On the flip side, there are a few negative/nonsensical commentary aimed at Fur Bearer Defenders and Coyote Watch Canada. Stay professional, concise and true advocates for education and coyote coexistence. Consider the source of such commentary and move on…with a chuckle or two. Food for thought- these same folks may one day evolve into future wildlife advocates!


A compassionate wildlife community utilizes progressive coexistence strategies within a framework of education, prevention, safety and enforcement. Cornwall has a wonderful opportunity today to become tomorrow’s next leader in peaceful wildlife coexistence.

Fur Bearer Defenders and Coyote Watch Canada appreciate and thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read about this situation, sharing our blogs with your friends/family members, for your thoughtful commentary and for the letters and phone calls you have made reaching out to Cornwall and the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Consider providing helpful resource links in your letters and comments:


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*Taken from a version of Chief Seattle’s Letter*

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