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I AM COYOTE Art Show & Heartland Forest Grand Opening

Posted Mar 19th, 2013 in Blog


Art expression is one of the most unique and empowering means of communicating inner feelings, concepts, interpretations and ideas. As a conservation biologist, Geri Vistein serves as the breath and heartbeat for the celebration of Coyote through the I AM COYOTE art show she created in Belfast, Maine in 2012. After spending time with Geri last spring during a coyote collaborative in New Hampshire, it became a Coyote Watch Canada “vision wave” to share and carry Geri’s vision “Science and art are one,” Vistein said, in that “they both express the wonder of our Earth.” But art, she believes, connects with people in a deep, nonverbal way that academic approaches can’t reach ” to audiences in Ontario.

Coyote, one of the most historically persecuted and maligned native wild dogs of our continent, inspire raw emotions, attitudes and misconception that often do not touch on the essence and beauty of these resilient animals. Glimpses into the private, intimate and unique lives of these amazing Song Dogs we have such a sacred opportunity to learn how close knit and family oriented Coyotes can be when they are left to thrive.

Join us at Heartland Forest June 21 & 22, 2013 (11-3pm) and meet I AM COYOTE up close and personal through the engaging world of art.

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