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Mother Earth Every Day: Five Women Warriors

Posted Apr 22nd, 2013 in News and Events

Today is Earth Day. We are all spending this day doing something…Perhaps using less energy, planting a tree, community clean-up project or conserving household water use . Whatever as individuals or collectively we choose to do, all around the world the human species will recognize the importance of this day. Our Mother Earth Day. The future for Her is uncertain. Which does infer, we are living in very uncertain times.

How will “she” heal, maintain and contribute to our well being like she has done for so many years in the midst of the accelerated abuse and neglect humans have dumped upon, in and above her. So recklessly and carelessly, without a second glance. In honouring our Mother Earth today, we remain positive.

Many folks will celebrate with great fanfare and deliberation to acknowledge the greatness of our planet. Others will seek solitude, contemplating how a difference can be made, even a small but significant one. I want to share with you a little bit about five very special women who have contributed to Coyote Watch Canada and to the greater good of their community quietly and without fanfare or seeking personal recognition. Each of these women volunteer their unique skill sets with passion for coyotes and the idea of coexistence. May we in gratitude, introduce and acknowledge Bobby, Sharon, Laura, Sarah and Vicky.

Your tireless efforts and compassionate volunteer spirits are the fabric that facilitates education and awareness in our communities. Whether it is through “foot in field” observations, door to door out reach, willingness to provide behind the scenes tasks or daily investigative work, Coyote Watch Canada is successful because of what you all contribute.

On this day, we say thank you for being part of our community, both human and wild.

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