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Foot n' Field Update: Wildlife Cameras Provide Intimate Gaze Into Coyote Family Living

Posted Jul 5th, 2013 in News and Events

Hello Coyote Watch Canada readers,

If you’ve recently called Coyote Watch Canada (CWC) with coyote questions, and noticed a new face among the volunteers, you’ve likely already met me on an outreach visit! My name is Calliope Gazetas and I’m a grad student at the Ontario College of Art & Design. I’m currently working on a graduate research project in Niagara Falls with CWC. We’re installing wildlife cameras to track the movements of coyotes and other animals that share our backyards and wild areas.

Foot n' Field Update: Wildlife Cameras Provide Intimate Gaze Into Coyote Family Living

My thesis work looks at how people and animals can coexist in urban and suburban areas, and if design frameworks can encompass our needs while respecting and acknowledging non-human species. I’m applying my research to better understand the interactions happening now between ourselves and coyotes.

If you have a property that is frequented by a mix of different animals and would be interested in having a camera installed, contact CWC and let them know. The location will not be published and all photos remain anonymous unless you would like to have your name associated with them.

You may see me out and about with other Coyote Watch staff, joining them on outreach calls and listening to your concerns and questions. Say hello and I look forward to meeting you!

Cheers, Calliope

Photo credit~ Coyote Watch Canada/JDB for Calliope Gazetas Location~ Niagara Region in Ontario Canada

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