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Working Together Building Compassionate Wildlife Coexistence

Posted Jul 28th, 2013 in Blog

“Peaceful coexistence is never a one person show.”

Join Coyote Watch Canada (CWC) in celebrating our coyote coexistence partnership program with the City of Niagara Falls. We are grateful to Mayor Diodati, City Staff, and all of the Niagara families that have embraced the opportunity to demonstrate that “living in harmony” amidst these highly intelligent, family oriented canines was not just a far away vision. Our progressive model has opened the door for other municipalities to walk through creating innovative partnerships with CWC. Building vital relationships between CWC, residents and government agencies is our main focus. Choosing sustainable, non-lethal education and awareness programs instead of the lethal removal of our urban wildlife to make it appear we are resolving wildlife conflict is not science based, nor is the age-old lethal approach widely accepted by the public today. Coexistence programs are the most cost effective, practical and definitely the most compassionate path to step onto.

Working Together Building Compassionate Wildlife Coexistence

“Coexistence is a lifelong commitment to be the best community we can be for both people and animals alike.” Coexistence programs require patience, practical hands on experience, solid front line community outreach and “political and citizen will” that recognizes the benefits of striving towards compassionate coexistence. Wonderful opportunities are before us to encourage non-lethal, sustainable long term programs that apply sound science, foster municipal & agency partnerships, apply citizen science feedback and promote coyote awareness education. We offer at no charge, literature resources including our new Hazing Pamphlet, provincially approved Coyote Awareness sign template and the first for Ontario- Feeding Wildlife (Coyote) By-Law. These are just a few of the program perks municipalities receive when working in partnership with Coyote Watch Canada.

CWC is embarking on several new and exciting initiatives working together as collaborative partners for other communities that have recognized the importance of enacting their own Coyote Coexistence Program. CWC welcomes the opportunity to support your community by offering our practical experience and educational resources through our Coyote Strategy Framework Model (CSFM). The City of Niagara Falls and the Town of Whitby are front and center for our model application. New progressive coexistence programs are currently gaining ground breaking momentum in the City of Toronto and Guelph Ontario. We are thrilled to be a part of such amazing undertakings. Across North America more and more communities are choosing to enact wildlife coexistence programs.

Are we in the throws of witnessing “coexistence history in the making?” Let’s take action together by building a sustainable compassionate wildlife community! Please SHARE our coexistence message with your council representatives.

For further information about developing a municipal coexistence wildlife program for your community please contact us here or call our Coyote Hotline Number 905-931-2610. One of our representatives will be more than happy to answer any inquiries you may have, schedule a Coexistence Wildlife Consultation or to request a deputation to city staff or council about our coyote coexistence program.

Take a peek at our Living With Coyotes Program enacted by the City of Niagara Falls.

Check out what our coexistence friends at the Association For The Protection Of Furbearing Animals are doing to help Ontario’s wildlife.

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