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Song Dog Sunday: Community Message "Engage, Educate & Empower"

Posted Aug 16th, 2013 in Blog

Our Song Dog Sunday messages are to encourage coyote fans to share inspiring and educational blasts about the Eastern Coyote. Often times, residents have not observed a coyote in the wild and the only opportunity to learn about coyote ecology is through media and social outlets. We provide the public and our supporters with current happenings from our local community of Niagara. Spreading the word about compassionate coexistence and how important enacting conservation science-based policies to foster sustainable, long term wildlife programs.

Please SHARE our messages and if you would like to contribute a photograph of your own we are always excited to include community photographs. You may send us an email coyotewatchcanada@gmail.com, contact us here or visit our Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/coyotewatchcanada

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