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Champions For Coyotes Work Together

Posted Aug 18th, 2013 in Blog

Champions For Coyotes Work Together

Coyote Watch Canada’s consistent message is “it takes a community to build coexistence”.

From resident, educator, media, wildlife organization to politician, to the rehabilitation facility, the efforts and partnerships forged to create sustainable, effective wildlife programs must involve the community as a whole. A web of networking that connects each individual, each organization, or agency to better serve people and wildlife. Thankfully, we are experiencing more and more municipalities reaching out to us for assistance, resources and to forge new partnerships and alliances. Alliances for non-lethal, compassionate coexistence. Kinder more palatable policies are being enacted to preserve, protect and educate our communities about coyotes and other wildlife. Feeding Wildlife By-Laws such as the trailblazing initiative in the City of Niagara Falls is now drawing attention from all across North America. The by-laws work. Complaint driven and promoting responsible community awareness and celebration, folks are becoming engaged, educated and empowered when it comes to living with wildlife such as coyotes.

There are so many amazing NGO’s that are stepping onto the collective trail to partner and support one another. Coyote watch Canada is so very fortunate to be a part of, to play a role in these exciting times of change. Whether it be an opportunity to assist and participate in a coyote release or referrals to collaborate in other municipalities, and visiting a school to present our program; in partnership we are leading the way in creating compassionate coyote communities.

Coyote Watch Canada (CWC) appreciates and acknowledges our partnerships and we say thank you to our friends at Fur Bearer Defenders (FBD) for their continued support and recognition for the advocacy work we are striving to achieve.

A special thank you of appreciation to Shannon Kornelsen for her gifts in showing the world how beautiful coyotes truly are and how important and vital all of our work is in protecting North America’s native Song Dogs! Shannon (and her colleague Joseph) also jump started the Beach Coyote Coalition in Toronto, Ontario in response to the Beaches coyote sightings. Facilitated by FBD and supported by CWC, the Beach Coyote Coalition is a resource for residents and the City of Toronto that promotes proactive coyote coexistence.

[one_second][youtube video=”yrnZ6clPbZY” width=”500″ height=”380″][/one_second][one_second]”A coyote treated for mange by the fine folks at Toronto Wildlife Centre was released in Ontario by staff and volunteers. Please support their lifesaving work: torontowildlifecentre.com. Also check out Coyote Watch Canada, an incredible advocacy group focused on protecting coyotes: coyotewatchcanada.com

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