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Learning to Live With Bears

Posted Jan 30th, 2014 in News and Events

Learning to Live With Bears

Learn To Live With Bears

Join renowned bear expert Mike McIntosh at Heartland Forest on Friday, February 7 to learn how you can coexist with bears in the community.

Presented jointly by Heartland Forest and Coyote Watch Canada, the event, running from 7 to 9 pm, will teach Niagara-area residents the keys of keeping bears wild and home-owners safe from potential encounters or conflict.

Born and raised on a farm in South Western Ontario, Mike McIntosh values the natural environment and its wildlife which he started photographing as a child. Interested in wildlife and their behavior, Mike became fascinated about perceived dangerous “predators” and human’s misunderstanding of these amazing beings. Mike is especially intrigued by bears. For most his life bears have been Mike’s focus Mike has been to Kamchatka Russia, walked among some of the largest bears in existence, traveled to Alaska, the Rockies, observing bears and their behavior. The only weapons Mike feels you need in bear habitat is your brain and a can of pepper spray.

Mike has operated the Bear With Us Sanctuary for over 20 years, caring for orphan bear cubs and injured bears, returning them to their wild home.

Mike will speak about the species of bears he knows best, the black bear.

Open to the community, RSVP is not required and the media is invited to attend. Heartland Forest offers universally accessibility to the community. To get directions to heartland Forest please click. For more information about bear coexistence, please visit Bear With Us.

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