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Death Sentence For Unsuspecting Wild Boars

Posted Apr 26th, 2015 in Blog

Wild boars that escaped their confinement now have a mark of death on their shoulders. Not much is known about the origin of the wild boars in terms of who held these animals as property and from whose property they fled. One of two plausible scenarios resonate for these maligned creatures as to why they were present in the first place; for future human consumption, or a game reserve prize for some high roller hunter? Most readers are not aware that there are game reserves in Ontario where trophy animals can be hunted on a “reserve”. One such game reserves sits nestled near Guelph, Ontario. The big money draw, sadly “wild” captive boars.

According to the Mississippi State University wild pig information website, wild pigs also called wild boar, wild hogs or feral swine, were originally introduced to North America by early settlers and European explorers. Eurasian boar were later introduced to areas in the United States for the purpose of hunting.

A hunt lobby group has confirmed that the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) has provided authorization to landowners and hunters to kill any wild boars sighted as per Section 54 (5) of the FWCA.

As a result, the MNRF is authorizing

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