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Foot n’ Field

Posted Apr 28th, 2015 in Blog

Foot n’ Field

Since the first snowfall several weeks ago, Coyote Watch Canada has received over three dozen coyote connections from communities across Ontario, the East Coast and from communities south of the border.  Many  of the reports from Ontario are coyote sightings, while others are education outreach efforts. We are always thrilled to be busy when it comes to residents providing vital information about coyote happenings in their community. Without the foliage, wildlife is more readily observed by people. In terms of wildlife, coyotes in particular, the colder weather creates a different environment for foraging and meeting the demands for food intake. Keep in mind that in coyote world, some family members such as juveniles and yearlings, will disperse in the fall, venturing off to locate and settle in a territory of their own. Other pack members may disperse in the springtime.

Nature is not static.

December has been exciting month so far with the rich photographs folks have so generously passed along to us.

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