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Take Action: Protect Wildlife From Poison!

Posted Sep 20th, 2018 in Blog

Take Action: Protect Wildlife From Poison!

Public consultations are ongoing for a plan by Health Canada’s pest control arm to cancel the use of the poison strychnine for use against ground squirrels – and they need to hear from you.

Strychnine is a poison that is found in many products and can be used to kill numerous species across Canada. Death by this poison is violent and disturbing, and there is no method in which to determine what animal(s) will consume it when it’s in the environment.  

Though its use for killing predators and other animals remains allowable, Health Canada has determined through a routine re-evaluation that strychnine products used to control various species of ground squirrel “do not meet current standards for environmental protection.”

While this would not prevent its use against many species, it would be a significant reduction in suffering of not just ground squirrels but the other life in ecosystems adversely affected by strychnine products. In fact, Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency report cited that non-target species known to have been affected in Alberta and Saskatchewan included “a badger, a weasel, foxes, antelopes, dogs, deer, horses, a bear cub, mice, rats, moles and various birds.“

Removing strychnine from use to kill ground squirrels would be a significant step forward – so please take a few minutes to comment and tell Health Canada that strychnine poison is cruel and should be outlawed against ground squirrel. The deadline is September 27, 2018, so get your comments in now!

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