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Coyotes to benefit from wildlife photography auction!

Posted Apr 29th, 2022

Coyote Watch Canada is benefiting from the proceeds of photography auction by collective Canadian Conservation.

Canadian Conservation brings together the outstanding talents and creative visions of countless photographers nationwide. This collaboration of sheer generosity, beauty, and the desire to help grassroots organizations like us provides invaluable connections between artists, photographers, and the recipients of the magnificent artwork. Our organization is humbled and honoured to have been chosen this year. We thank each and everyone who bids on our behalf! The wonderful photographers that share all of this positive energy, gorgeous art, and hard work to keep the bids going - we carry so much gratitude to all of you!

Behind the Lens

Founding executive director Lesley Sampson was able to catch up with Shane Kalyn, an esteemed wildlife photographer and the heart behind this brilliant act of universal kindness that helps wildlife and organizations like ours. She was thrilled to speak with him and we are so happy to share their conversation below.

Lesley - Can you share with our readers about the journey your vision has traveled and how you feel about your impact today?  

Shane - I am shocked by how successful the Canadian Conservation auctions have been and I am constantly elated, amazed, and inspired at the dedication of all of the photographers who have been involved in these auctions over the last two years!  I honestly feel that this team of amazing artists and conservationists are really making a change, using our art to support the conservation of wildlife and wild spaces we love so much to photograph.  In the end, being able to send the collective auction donations to such worthy causes is what drives all of us photographers to keep moving forward with this initiative.  Being able to use our art to support the amazing conservation work being done by so many groups all over the country is amazing! 

Lesley - What planted this seed of generosity and collaboration, your upbringing, the worldly beauty you have been exposed to?

Shane - This has always been an idea of mine, but it initially stemmed from me auctioning off some fox photos to assist with a vet bill of a Red Fox who was hit by a car.  A group I am affiliated with, The Canid Project (a group I am very proud to work for www.thecanidproject.com) was paying for this bill out of their own pocket and planning to rehabilitate this red fox to release it.  So to help, I auctioned off a couple of fox pics on my social media, and much to my surprise, I had an extremely generous donor that bid $750 USD, which was the entire vet bill!!!!  I was shocked by this generosity, but couldn’t help to think, what if this was done on a larger scale – and hence, Canadian Conservation was formed.  I cold-called some of my favorite Canadian nature photographers and much to my delight, they were all immediately on board for that first auction, and now we are on auction #4!

Lesley - What is the Canadian Conservation co-operative?

Shane- The Canadian Conservation team members vary by auction (based on who can participate at the time) but ultimately is a collective of Canadian nature/conservation photographers who have joined forces to use their art to support conservation efforts across the country.  Our goal is to use our images to help conserve Canadian wildlife and protect Canada’s wild spaces.

Lesley - What is it like working with like-minded and talented photographers that carry the same love and reverence for nature as you? 

Shane - This is one of the most rewarding aspects of this initiative, to be able to connect and work alongside these amazing photographers who have the same passion for wildlife and natural spaces as I do.  This collective is not about any one individual, rather, it is a team of dedicated conservationists and artists coming together to make positive change in the world of Canadian conservation.  Being able to work unified with these other amazing photographers is truly inspiring and it definitely drives me to keep the Canadian Conservation initiative moving forward!  

Lesley - When deciding who will be the fortunate recipient of your stellar auction what kinds of things inspire you about your choice (please feel free to include former recipients if that is something you would like to do)?

Shane - We definitely look for smaller conservation groups doing some amazing and unique work within the country of Canada.  In order for our collective donations to have the largest impact, we try to identify the grassroots, in the field type of organizations that are clearly passion-driven.  Being able to support these smaller conservation groups who are all doing such important work in the name of conservation, is what we strive for.  Over the course of the auctions, we have made donations to the following groups: Nature Conservancy of Canada, Echo Conservation Society, and The Grizzly Bear Foundation.  I can speak for the entire collective in saying we are very pleased that our fourth recipient for the Canadian Conservation auction donations is Coyote Watch Canada!

Lesley - Can you elaborate on the type of creative mediums that will be available during your auction? 

Shane- In this auction, there is a wide range of photographic art available for purchase.  We have fine art prints, canvases, framed prints, and aluminum prints as well.  Now, and for the first time, we have an artist who has donated two NFT’s which are currently up for auction as well.  And we would like to stress, that 100% of the proceeds from these sales are being donated to CWC.  With that, I would also like to recognize each of the artists who are (and have) participated in the auctions as each one of them pays from their own pockets to both print the art, and ship the art to the highest bidder – that is each of our contribution to this process monetarily and that speaks to show how dedicated each one of these artists is to supporting conservation efforts in this country!  

Lesley - So we understand that you are a salmon scientist! How cool is that?! Can you fill in the blanks about the reach of your work? 

Shane - It is an amazing job that takes me all over the province of BC.  I have been doing it for almost 22 years now and I have never tired of it, it truly is the best job ever.  I am essentially involved with the team of people that assess the health and returns of wild Pacific Salmon in the Fraser River watershed. 

Lesley - Anything else you would like to share with us? 

Shane - I would just like to again stress that this is a team effort and what should really be highlighted is the collective effort of everyone involved in the Canadian Conservation initiative.

@CanadianConservation's next auction is taking place April 25 to May 1, 2022 and all proceeds will be donated to Coyote Watch Canada!

Visit their Instagram page to learn more, see some of the incredible photography and get involved. Click here to get started.

There are 35 talent Canadian photographers participating in the auction, including: 
Shane Kalyn @4elementphotos
Brittany Crossman @bkcrossman
Colleen Gara @colleengaraphoto
Lyndon Sawatzky @lyndonswildphotos
John E. Marriott @johnemarriott
Dave Brosha @davebrosha
Dr. Lauren Todd @blonde_biologist
Jean-Christophe Lemay @jclemayphoto
Kahli April @kahliaprilphoto
Adam Skalzub @abombs_wildlife
Greg Klein @gregkleinphotography
Chelsea Marcantonio @ms.chels
Jon Riddell @riddellphoto
Luke Colwell @luke.colwelll
Brandon Broderick @brandonbroderick
Aaron Todd @aaronktodd
Geoffrey Reynaud @reynaud.geoffrey
Amanda Beers @amanda_beers_photography
Nila Sivatheesan @nilasivatheesan
Taylor Green @ta_green
Nicholas Poirier @nicholasjpoirier
Karine Lavictoire @karinelavictoire
Kate McKeown @conservationbycamera
Kris Tynski @tynskiphoto
Chris McQuarrie @myinnerwild
Sarah Lyndsay @sarahlyndsayphotography
Michael Buerge @islandwildlife
Adam Gray @agwildlifephotography
Ray Maichin @raymaichinphoto
Isabelle Groc @isabellegroc
Dr. Donna Feledichuk @donnafeledichukphotography
Yuri Choufour @yurichoufour
Mark Bernards @markbernards3
Jason Leo Bantle @jasonleobantle

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