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End coyote bounties in Saskatchewan

Posted Apr 5th, 2023 in Blog

Coyote Watch Canada and The Fur-Bearers are calling on the Province of Saskatchewan to take action on bounties for coyotes. On March 27, 2023, The Rural Municipality of Weyburn issued a coyote bounty that offers $20 a set of 4 coyote paws. Numerous other municipalities have offered such bounties.

Bounty programs like this are legal in Saskatchewan, and do not consider significant ethical and ecological concerns that may arise from incentives to kill. Coyotes are family-oriented, social and intelligent animals who rely upon their family members. Killing contests or bounties can cause significant disruption to the family units, including orphaning pups. This can lead to an increase in negative encounters as adult coyotes who can safely forage and hunt for food will not be able to teach younger family members these important skills.

Killing coyotes is not an effective means of population control, either, as an ecological vacuum is created as soon as resident coyotes are removed. More coyotes – or other meso-predators – will move into the region to utilize available resources. This will not resolve any negative encounters or ecological concerns long-term.

Identifying root causes for negative encounters – such as deadstock management on farms or feeding (indirect and direct) – and addressing them will result in long-term, sustainable solutions for all residents and property owners. Coexistence solutions are proven successful when appropriately applied and can result in a healthy ecosystem for everyone.

Resources such as a framework for coexistence for municipalities are available from Coyote Watch Canada, and educational tools like door hangers are available from both Coyote Watch Canada and The Fur-Bearers.

We’re encouraging Saskatchewan residents to contact their MLAs and Minister of Environment Dana Skoropad to call for an end to unethical and ineffective coyote bounties in the province using our form below.

International supporters can contact Minister Skoropad directly via env.minister@gov.sk.ca.

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