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Founder of the Bear With Us Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Centre for Bears.

Interested in wildlife and their behavior, Mike became fascinated about perceived dangerous “predators” and human's misunderstanding of these amazing beings. Mike is especially intrigued by bears. For most his life bears have been Mike's focus. Mike has been to Kamchatka Russia, walked among some of the largest bears in existence, traveled to Alaska, the Rockies, observing bears and their behavior. The only weapons Mike feels you need in bear habitat is your brain and a can of pepper spray. Mike has operated the Bear With Us Sanctuary (www.bearwithus.org ) since 1992, caring for orphan bear cubs and injured bears, returning 500 of them to their wild home by late summer 2017. Mike is one of three partners in the wildlife education initiative, Coyote Wolf Bear (www.coyotewolfbear.org).

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