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Sadie Parr is an outreach coordinator and researcher for Wolf Awareness, a non-profit foundation established in 1987.   Both are dedicated to working towards the conservation of wolves across Canada as part of a functioning ecosystem.

Sadie is currently involved in a wolf feeding ecology study in BC's Chilcotin region, and previously tracked wolves for Yoho National Park during the winter months.  She also worked for several years with captive wolves in Golden at an education centre. Parr graduated from the University of Guelph in 2003 with a specialized honours degree in Biomedical Science, and has pursued further studies at the post-graduate level regarding conservation biology and molecular genetics.  After graduating she moved west to BC and began to learn more about the perils even “protected” wildlife face in Canada.  Since then she has dedicated herself to raising awareness about the need for wolf, wild canid, and habitat conservation across Canada, home to 1/5 of the worlds remaining wilderness.  In this way, she hopes that responsible decisions can be made in time to preserve Canada’s iconic top predators and rich biodiversity, the wilderness they require, and the ecosystems they are functioning within. Sadie also championed 'We Howl' a national collective of organizations coming together to make a difference for animals, conservation and the environment.  The website for Wolf Awareness is www.WolfAwarenessInc.org

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