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Dr. Shelley Alexander

Shelley is a Professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Calgary. She has 30 years of experience studying human-wildlife conflict, specializing in wolves and coyotes in Canada. She has worked with wild and captive wolves and coyotes, raised coyote pups, worked directly in co-existence mitigation for urban coyotes, is an expert wildlife tracker and an established geospatial analyst.

Shelley’s Canid Conservation Science Lab employs the principles of Compassionate Conservation, advocating for improved animal welfare in science. She has published on conservation topics in diverse venues – including the journals of Biogeography, Conservation Biology, Canadian Geographer, Canadian Journal of Social Sciences, and Human Dimensions of Wildlife, among others. She received Social Sciences and Humanities Research (SSHRC) funding to implement the Foothills Coyote Initiative (2015-present), which combines in-depth interviews with geospatial analysis to understand motivations driving landowner behaviours towards coyotes.

As a professional volunteer, Shelley also serves on Boards for the Calgary Institute for the Humanities and the Yellowstone Ecological Research Council. She also serves as an elected Senator, at the University of Calgary. Shelley contributes to her community through media interviews, public presentations, and guided field trips (e.g. Jane's Walk). She is an avid horsewoman, having volunteered in breed demos at Calgary Stampede and Spruce Meadows, and participated with mounted ride teams in several Calgary Stampede, Canmore Canada Day, and Cochrane parades.

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