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  1. Coyotes to benefit from wildlife photography auction!

    Coyote Watch Canada is the beneficiary of @CanadianConservation's wildlife photography silent auction. Find out more in our blog....
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  2. Ontario government sued for coyote killing contest

    Animal Justice, The Fur-Bearers, and Coyote Watch Canada are suing the Ontario government over its decision to allow a coyote hunting contest to take ...
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  3. Are your social posts putting wildlife in harm’s way?

    Responsible geotagging can keep wildlife and wild spaces safe....
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  4. Coexistence is a daily intention

    Strategies to live alongside wildlife aren’t failing; it’s time for them to begin in earnest....
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  5. Coyote Watch Canada statement on Stanley Park coyotes

    Following the announcement that more coyotes will be killed, we are left feeling anger, sadness and frustration that opportunities to prevent this out...
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  6. Watch media sensationalize a coyote story on live television

    Dr. Shelley Alexander’s nuanced explanations of coyote behaviour filtered down to one simplistic statement while interviewing on Morning Live....
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  7. Human-wildlife conflict: why relocation doesn’t work

    A primer on why relocation, trapping and other mitigating efforts don’t resolve conflict with wildlife and can actually create it....
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  8. Canada Goose to phase out new fur purchasing

    Canada Goose Inc. has announced they will be phasing out purchasing of new coyote fur in 2022 and will instead be recycling existing furs purchased fr...
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  9. It's time to ban snares

    Snares targeting canids kill pets and torture animals across Canada. They are set legally by licensed trappers, without warning signs and no required ...
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